Elf Bar Admits “Unintentional” Breach of UK Vape Laws

Elf Bar Admits “Unintentional” Breach of UK Vape Laws

February 6, 2023 Off By VapeGeezer

The manufacturers of the Elf Bar, Britain’s most popular disposable vape device, have admitted to “unintentionally” over filling the devices, pushing them above the legal limit of nicotine for the UK.

Launched in 2021, 2.5 million Elf Bar 600 devices are sold in the UK each week. This accounts for almost two thirds of disposable sold in the country.

How much e-liquid should an Elf Bar contain?

According to UK Legislation, vape devices must not have a tank with a capacity greater than 2ml. As well as restricting the capacity of the tank, the rules also limit the nicotine strength to no more than 20mg/ml. These rules are in place for good reason as they help to prevent users overdosing on nicotine.

Following an investigation by the Mail, the Elf Bars in question were found to have tanks 50% larger than the legal limit. In response to the allegations, a spokesperson for the company initially denied the findings, claiming that those tested were fakes. However they later stated that tanks intended for foreign markets such as the US had found their way into products shipped to the UK.

What will happen now?

In response to the findings, Elf Bar advised they would alert affected retailers. Major supermarket chains Tesco and Morrisons have already removed Elf Bars from sale, and many more stores are expected to follow suit.

Affected products will now likely be recalled and fresh, legal supplies shipped out. However this is likely to leave a hole in the market which many other manufacturers will look to fill.

The inclusion of illegal tank capacities in Elf Bars has raised serious concerns about the compliance of many other disposable vapes with UK legislation. It is imperative that companies take responsibility for ensuring their products meet legal standards. The rules are in place to protect consumers from potentially harmful effects. This situation serves as a reminder of the importance of proper regulation and oversight in the vape industry.