Juicy Nerds Vape Juice Forced To Rebrand

Juicy Nerds Vape Juice Forced To Rebrand

March 1, 2023 Off By VapeGeezer

Juicy Nerds is a range of sweet, tangy, and sour vape juice flavours that were originally inspired by the fruity, misshapen retro sweets invented in 1983. 

Bottle of Juicy Nerds E-Liquid
Juicy Nerds Bottle Before The Re-Branding

However, the company that produces Juicy Nerds has recently come under fire for copyright infringement. As the company is not associated with the Nerds brand, they do not have the rights to use it’s name or branding in order to sell products. As a result, the company has begun to rebrand the popular e-liquid collection.

Who Owns The Nerds Brand?

Nerds candy became a part of the Ferrara Candy Company in 2018. The Ferrara Candy Company is an American sweet manufacturer founded in Chicago, Illinois, in 2012. Ferrara have issued a cease and desist, requesting that Juicy Nerds changes its name and branding. This is in order to make it clear that the vape juice has no association with the original Nerds sweets. 

Juicy Nerds Flavours Are Here To Stay

Vapers will be pleased to know that the flavours will not be altered. Instead the company will now be known as Juicy Blast and all packaging will be re-designed. There are many other e-liquid ranges like Juicy Nerds that infringe copyright laws. Choosing to use the same name and designs as established brands without consent can cause problems later down the line. As such it is likely that offending brands will experience similar changes. 

If you want to try this Nerds inspired e-liquid for yourself,  you can visit your local vape shop or buy it online. Juicy Blast is sold in multiple vape stores in the form of e-liquid shortfills. It can be bought in 50ml or 100ml bottles with room left for vapers to mix to their preferred nicotine strength. 

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Article written exclusively for Vape Geezer by Lauren Dunlop