Aspire Flexus Q Review

Aspire Flexus Q Review

December 14, 2022 Off By VapeGeezer

Having tried out a fair few OXVA and Freemax vape kits recently, I thought it was about time to try something different. So I picked up the Aspire Flexus Q to review for this weeks instalment.

What is the Aspire Flexus Q?

The Aspire Flexus Q is a pretty standard pen shaped pod kit. It has an adjustable airflow, gives users the choice between auto-draw and button activation, and three different power settings.

What is in the Box?

The box includes:

  • 1x Flexus Q device with a 700 mAh battery
  • 1x 2ml Flexus Q pod
  • 1x 0.6 ohm AF mesh coil
  • 1x 1.0 ohm mesh coil
  • 1x 3A Type-C cable.
  • 1x User manual. 

Vape Geezer’s Aspire Flexus Q Review

Look and Feel

The Aspire Flexus Q has curvy metal body with smooth flowing lines and a panel with a geometric pattern to add detail. I think it looks smart, with an industrial elegance to it. The draw back with this design is that the bottom of the kit is also curved, making it impractical for standing on end. The briefest shake of a table is enough to send it tumbling.

Fortunately, the Flexus Q feels pretty durable and well made. With a metal casing, it carries a fair weight for its size, but is small enough for this not to matter. I certainly don’t feel short changed from a build quality perspective.

The model that I’m testing out is a gunmetal colour, but I don’t think it does this kit justice. I much prefer the red version as it accents the design in a more flattering way. 



The Aspire Flexus Q does not come with a lanyard or anywhere to attach an after market one. I tend to prefer a lanyard as I’m liable to misplace my vape kits whilst pottering about. That being said, it is a compact design that fit’s snuggly into my pocket.


The Flexus Q is a mouth to lung device that allows users to autodraw, but also has a button to fire the coil. The airflow can be controlled by using the slider on the side and the wattage by pressing the button quickly three times. A green flash indicates high level wattage, a blue flash is mid level, and a red flash is the lowest level. Fairly straight forward and pretty standard on most vape kits these days.

Alongside manual locking via the button (five presses), the device has a nifty feature that stops it from firing after seven seconds of continuous working. A great way to prevent burns in my opinion. To unlock the device, just press the button 5 more times.

The Tank

I found that refilling the Flexus Q was a bit fiddly. The rubber bung on the pod was difficult to open as I couldn’t get hold of it easily. Additionally, I tend to find that those types of rubber seal tend to wear out over time, which means you eventually have to get a new tank to prevent leakages.  

With a push fit coils system, it was easy to switch over. All you have to do is remove the pod, pull out the old coil and push the new coil into the tank. Additionally, there’s a choice between coils with 0.6 ohm and a 1.0 ohm options available.


The battery is a little on the weak side, coming in at only 700mAh. It tends to last for around three to four refills. On the flip side though, it’s ability to charge up using 3 amps allows you to reach a full charge in as little as 10 minutes. I didn’t realise this was a feature until the first time I charged it up, so when I saw that the LED had gone off, I checked the power and plugged it in again only to realise it was up to full.

Flavour Hit

Despite feeling like a solid build, I found that the Flexus Q was quite poor from a flavour delivery standpoint. The fruitier flavours I tried just came out tasting sugary, with little of the flavour hit I had expected. It does however do well with creamier flavours. I tried Momma’s Desserts Cocoa Creamy Cookies flavour and it worked well. This might have something to do with the vg/pg levels as the DNA Vapes flavours that I tried as they were 50/50 vg/pg, whereas, the Cocoa Creamy Cookies flavour had a 70/30 vg/pg ratio. 

Final Verdict

I can’t say I’d recommend this as a general purpose vape. Despite the nice body work and premium feel it give in the hand, the poor flavour delivery really left a sour note. If you only vape creamy e-liquids, then the Aspire Flexus Q would be fine for you, but I’m afraid I’ll be shelving this one for now.

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