Freemax Twister 2 Review

Freemax Twister 2 Review

November 23, 2022 Off By VapeGeezer

After testing out loads of mouth to lung (MTL) vape kits recently, I fancied a bit of a change. So I picked up the Freemax Twister 2 to review for this weeks instalment. As some one who prefers direct to lung (DTL) vaping I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while now.

About the Freemax Twister 2

It uses a 3000mAh built in battery, a twistable wattage adjustment dial and twistable airflow adjuster.

What is in the box?

Inside the Freemax Twister 2 box is

  • One Freemax Twister 2 80W Mod
  • One Freemax Twister Fireluke 4 Tank
  • One pre-installed 0.15ohm X1-D Mesh Coil
  • Two 904L 0.2ohm mesh coils
  • Extra silicone rings
  • One USB Type-C Cable
  • One glass tube
  • One user manual.

Vape Geezer’s Freemax Twister 2 Review

Look and Feel

Many websites describe the Freemax Twister 2 as a pen shaped mod, but honestly it’s more like a small cosh. I’d feel a lot safer traveling the streets at night with one of these at my side! Thanks to the bulky 3000mAh battery, the mod is fairly large and carries a fair bit of weight. I don’t mind this though, as the cylindrical shape keeps it balanced and slim enough to carry in my pocket, although I wouldn’t consider it in skinny jeans!

There are five different designs available. Three of these are solid colours, blue black and silver. The other two sport embossed patterns named 3D orange and 3D red. Despite usually liking plain colours, I find I’m quite attracted to the geometric patterns on the 3D orange variant.


As a direct to lung device, the Freemax Twister 2 is perfectly suited to my preferred vaping style. I found that the coils that come with the device are ideal, but it is also compatible with a range of others. This means it’s adaptable to suit the┬áneeds of most DTL vapers.

To find out how much charge is left in the battery, check the LED built into the button which indicates how much charge is left when you press it. Green is over 80%, Blue is 50% to 79% and Red is 0% or less.

Both wattage and airflow are controlled with a simple twist of a dial. The wattage control is located at the bottom of the mod and ranges from 10W to 80W. You can also lock the device to prevent accidental firing by using the same dial. The use of a dial in this way prevents users from setting the wattage too high which is useful to prevent coils from burning out.

Likewise the airflow can be adjusted by twisting the collar just below the tank. It allows user to shut it off completely and opens up to allow plenty of air through. I have no complaints about the airflow here, spot on.

It’s a little tricky to work out how to refill the tank the first time around, and I had to check the manual to find out how. But once you know how it’s really simple and helps prevent spillages. To refill, you have to lift the collar just below the mouthpiece and slide the top back away from the red dot to reveal the slot.

I like the concept behind the refill system, but did find it a little difficult to line up my wider shortfill bottles, as the collar tends to get in the way.

The battery lasts a fair while, but if you chain vape on 80W it can run down quite quickly.

Flavour And Nicotine Hit

The kit is surprisingly true to flavour. I tested it out with a couple of the DNA Vapes flavours and each one tasted as it should, albeit a little sweeter than compared to the MTL kits like the OXVA Xlim SQ that I tested out.

The device is capable of serving up a lot of nicotine quickly, and I found I was getting niccy rush despite only using a 3mg strength e-liquid. It did satiate my cravings though, and I found that on days I used this kit I was smoking far less than normal.

Final Verdict

I’ve really enjoyed using the Freemax Twister 2. It delivers a good flavour profile, a huge cloud and it’s smooth on the throat. It’s one I’m glad to have added to my collection.

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