E-Liquid Review: DNA Vape Red Grape Ice

E-Liquid Review: DNA Vape Red Grape Ice

November 24, 2022 Off By VapeGeezer

A flavour of vape juice I’ve not seen before, red grapes are known for being sweet and juicy. I prefer to eat them straight from the fridge as they are always most refreshing that way, and as such I’ve been looking forward to trying out this flavour. Let’s see if they live up to the test in today’s DNA Vapes Red Grape Ice E-Liquid Review.

DNA Vapes Red Grape Ice Review

The flavour profile of red grapes is a complex one that tantalises the taste buds. A mixture of sweet, fruity aromas mesh with the soft, juicy flesh of the grapes to provide a sumptuous sensation. DNA Vapes Red Grape Ice e-liquid captures this well, but is more akin to the flavour of red grape fruit gums than the actual fruit.

Part of this is down to the sensation of the vape. The flavour almost glides over the tongue on the inhale and although it leaves a nice, sweet aftertaste the cooling ice sensation is missing until the exhale. This makes the initial hit feel more akin to eating gummies rather than the fruit. I would prefer it if the ice was there instantly on the inhale, but it does kick in afterwards, so it’s not all lost. 

Having expected this flavour to taste like fresh fruit, I was a little disappointed in the end. But that being said, any one who likes fruit gums should love this flavour. It’s really sweet and captures the fruit gum flavour well.

Where To Buy Red Grape Ice E-liquid

I bought my bottle of DNA Vapes Red Grape Ice from Quin Vapes for £10.50, which is the best price I’ve found online for a single bottle so far.

If you’d prefer to try DNA Vapes Red Grape Ice as a Nic Salt, then SMKD is the only place you can currently buy online.

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