E-Liquid Review: DNA Vapes Peach Ice

E-Liquid Review: DNA Vapes Peach Ice

October 28, 2022 Off By VapeGeezer

In my last post about DNA Vapes being a more sustainable alternative to disposable vapes, I promised I would start reviewing some of the flavours from that e-Liquid range. With 10 flavours to choose from, there are plenty to get through. I’ll be starting today with DNA Vapes Peach Ice and will try to post a review every week as my writing schedule allows.

DNA Vapes Peach Ice E-Liquid Review

I’m a big fan of peaches. Their soft textures and juicy sweet flavours get my mouth watering. So a peach flavoured e-liquid is usually going to be a winner for me.

From the outset the taste of peaches is intense and leaves a sweet, juicy aftertaste. The flavour is balanced though, and has none of the sickliness that sometimes comes with sweet e-liquids.

Packing a cool, icy kick, this peach ice vape juice goes down smoothly, but also leaves a clear and refreshing sensation through out your mouth.

When reviewing anything, I try to give a balanced view. I look for both positives and negatives, whether it’s an e-liquid, a vape kit or an accessory. In this case I have to say it’s been hard to find anything wrong with this flavour. I guess I could say this peach ice juice can be a little too sweet if you vape it for a long enough period of time. But really I’m clutching at straws to find any issue with it at all.

Vape Geezer’s Verdict: If you like peaches, you’ll be more than happy with this e-liquid. I’ll be getting another bottle once this one’s done, that’s for sure.

Where to Buy

DNA Vapes Peach Ice e-liquid is available as a shortfill at Top Vape One, where they currently have a 3 for £30 offer.

If you’re looking for the DNA Vapes Nic Salts, you can find these at SMKD with a great 3 for £12 deal currently on offer.

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