Freemax Galex Nano Review

Freemax Galex Nano Review

November 2, 2022 Off By VapeGeezer

This week I’ve been fortunate enough to get my hands on a Freemax Galex Nano to review ahead of their release for general sale. With a design inspired by the lights of the galaxy, will this new vape kit gain universal appeal?

About the Freemax Galex Nano

Designed to please any sci-fi fan, the Freemax Galex Nano has an appearance fit for the future. It combines a smooth but modestly detailed body, reminiscent of panels on a spaceship, with a full spectrum of LED lights.

The Galex Nano is suitable for use as both a restricted direct to lung, and a mouth to lung device, depending on which coil you use. 

What’s in the box?

Inside the box you get:

  • The Freemax Galex Nano kit
  • One 2ml tank
  • Two coils (a 0.8 ohm coil for a restricted direct to lung, and a 1.0 ohm coil for mouth to lung.)
  • One USB Type-C Cable. 

Vape Geezer’s Freemax Galex Nano Review

As a huge sci-fi fan, I love the look of this kit. The Freemax Galex Nano has a futuristic appearance that sets it apart from other devices. The body is smooth, but has been subtly shaped and detailed to resemble panelling on a spaceship. Add in the fact you can see the circuit board through a window on the front and the nifty little LED’s inside and it’s about ready for take off!

The LED indicators light up with every drag and can be set to one of three options by double clicking the button: Off will leave the circuit board unlit, rainbow will light it up with all the colours at once and solid cycles through the all the colours one at a time. Personally, I would have preferred to be able to pick one solid colour rather than all or nothing. That way I can make it match my outfit!

The body of the device is made of a zinc alloy which gives it a smooth finish. The sample I got my hands on is black, which I normally like, but on a zinc body it makes the kit look like it’s made of plastic. I have seen a gunmetal version though, and it looks fantastic in comparison.

Despite having a hook to attach a lanyard, the Galex Nano doesn’t come with one in the box, which is a shame as it’s really useful if you’re clumsy like me. That being said the Galex Nano is light weight and compact enough to fit in a bag or a pocket, so it’s easy to transport regardless.


The Galex Nano provides users with the ability to switch between voltages in order to control the output. To do this you triple click the button on the side. Doing so will cause the LED lights to flash one of three colours to indicate the setting. Green indicates 4.5V, blue means 3.5V, and red is the lowest setting at 3.3V.

To check the battery level you just click the button once. A green light means the battery is at 70%+, blue being 35% to 69% and red is below 35%. The 800mAh battery lasts for about four tanks worth of e-liquid.

In order to refill the tank on the Freemax Galex Nano, you have to use your thumb to “snap” the top off and fill it up using the red valve. Air inside the tank is pushed out through a hole on the other side as you fill it up, which saves time on waiting for air bubbles to float up and out, like you have to do with some other tanks.

The snap off lid is a great child safety feature. Especially considering that I, an adult, had to ask someone else how to re-fill the tank. To be fair, the sample kit was missing the manual. The valve with the separate air hole was great for preventing leaks too. And to top it all off, you don’t even have to remove the cartridge to refill with e-liquid. 

The tank for the Galex range is currently compatible with two coils. A 0.8ohm coil, which is more suited for a restricted direct to lung experience, and a 1.0ohm coil, which is perfect for mouth to lung. I prefer direct to lung vaping, so used 0.8ohm coils on the highest voltage.


I think that one of the most important factors for any vape kit is it’s ability to deliver a true taste of the e-liquid. The Freemax Galex Nano carries the flavour well and doesn’t alter the taste of the e-liquid. 

Final Verdict

Whilst the kit looks great and is true to flavour, the stand out feature of the Galex range is the tank. Once you know how to fill it up, it’s simple, quick, efficient and clean. A great vape kit for every day use.

Where To Buy

At the time of writing this, the Freemax Galex Nano isn’t yet available in the UK. Check back in a couple weeks and I’ll update this review with links to the best deals available.

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