Freemax Galex Review

Freemax Galex Review

November 16, 2022 Off By VapeGeezer

I recently managed to get hold of a sample of the Freemax Galex Nano to review before they hit the shelves and was fairly impressed with it. So after asking very nicely, I managed to get my hands a sample of it’s sister vape kit, the Freemax Galex.

About the Freemax Galex

A design inspired by the galaxy at large, the Freemax Galex sports LEDs on the front to light up your vaping experience. Designed primarily for the mouth-to-lung experience, the kit also boasts the ability to support restricted direct to lung vaping.

The kit packs an 800mAh rechargeable battery and is compatible with the same pods as the Galex Nano which use FM leak-resistant technology, FM SaltCoilTech 4.0, and are child proof.

What’s in the box?

  • The Freemax Galex kit
  • One 2ml tank
  • Two coils (a 0.8 ohm coil for a restricted direct to lung, and a 1.0 ohm coil for mouth to lung.)
  • One USB Type-C Cable. 

Vape Geezer’s Freemax Galex Review

Look and Feel

Having tested out the Freemax Galex Nano I was hoping the Galex would be much the same. However, despite being the same family of vape kit, there are substantial differences between the devices.

The Freemax Galex is like a traditional pen vape that’s put on weight. It’s a bit fatter than similar products from competing brands, but that’s not a huge issue, it still feels good in the hand and the weight difference in minimal.

With a simple design, the Galex wouldn’t normally stand out, but the addition of the LED lights makes up for this and gives it a unique appearance. Additionally, there is some limited customisation available. By removing and replacing the pod twice in quick succession, you can cycle through three different light settings. These are: Rainbow (all of the colours at once), Solid (cycles through each colour one at a time) and Off. The lights are a nice feature and form a simple dotted pattern on the front of the kit.

The battery levels can be checked by taking a quick drag and looking at the single, larger LED near the bottom of the front panel. Just like the Galex Nano, Green is 70% charge and over, blue is 69% to 36% and red is 35% or less. Always a handy feature to ensure you don’t get caught out with no power.


Unlike the Nano, there are no buttons on the Galex, which I think makes it safer to transport in your pocket or bag without misfiring. It operates with an auto draw feature which is convenient for vaping on the go, but doesn’t give users the ability to switch voltages.

Like I said when reviewing the Nano, the way you refill the tanks sets the Galex range apart from other kits. Just use your thumb to “snap” the top off and fill it up using the red valve. Excess air is let out of the tank through a hole on the other side. It prevents leaks, stops children (and me, initially!) from getting into it and the cartridge doesn’t even have to be removed to refill it. I genuinely love the way this works.

Other than blocking the vent with your finger, user’s don’t have the option to control airflow. That being said though, I found that the the Freemax Galex does have a better airflow than the Nano. I might be a bit backwards, but I always find that this improves a kit’s ability to deliver a stronger flavour. 

Thanks to a choice of multiple coils, users can swap to a resistance level better suited to their vaping needs. Using the 1.0ohm coil is better suited to mouth to lung vapers. Whereas the 0.8ohm is better for someone like me, who prefers direct to lung.

At only 800mAh, the battery would last most people a day, but I find it’s less for some one like me who chain vapes. It lasted me for about 4 cartridge refills before I needed to charge it.

Flavour Hit

Just like the Nano, this kit provides an unadulterated flavour. I did find though that the improved airflow lets the Freemax Galex dish out more flavour than the Galex Nano.

Final Verdict

The Freemax Galex is simple and stylish. It delivers a good flavour profile and the efficient refill system is spot on. It does, however, feel like its missing something. From a design perspective, it doesn’t capture the imagination like the Nano does. The lack the ability to change the wattage feels somewhat like an oversight. It’s not a bad vape kit, but I’d definitely opt for the Galex Nano given the choice.

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