Lost Mary Disposable Vapes Pulled From Supermarkets Shelves

Lost Mary Disposable Vapes Pulled From Supermarkets Shelves

March 22, 2023 Off By VapeGeezer

Disposable vapes have come under fire again recently. Certain brands have admitted that some of their flavours contain up to two times over the legal e-liquid limit in the UK. It is looking as though the fallout of this could be huge and we are already seeing the ramifications. Some disposable vapes have already been pulled from the shelves of major supermarkets. Both Sainsbury’s and Asda have announced that they will no longer be stocking Lost Mary, which is made by Elf Bar after its Double Apple flavour has been found to contain an average of 3.6ml of nicotine e-liquid. This amount is almost twice the 2ml limit. 

This discovery was a result of a daily mail investigation and the findings have been described as “deeply disturbing” by Andrew Bush, professor of paediatrics at Imperial College London. This is especially so considering that many of these devices have fallen into the hands of 11-17 year olds, who are under the legal smoking age. Ash, an anti-smoking group, found that over half of this age group have admitted to having vaped before. This amounts to a figure of around 100,000. While it has been concluded that the majority of the young people who have taken up vaping were already smokers, it is important that those underage continue to be discouraged from taking it up. This is even more essential when they are unknowingly consuming over the legal limit of nicotine. 

Elf Bar have wholeheartedly apologised for the incident. They have stated that e-liquid tank sizes that are legal in other countries, have been “inadvertently” fitted to their UK products.

The company had already come under fire earlier this year when their Elf Bar 600 range was also found to have tanks filled above the legal limit.

It’s not just Lost Mary that loses out

False advertisement isn’t the only reason disposables are taking a hit. Disposable vapes can cause immense damage to the environment. According to research by material focus, 1.3 million disposable vapes ending up in a landfill every week. Not to mention the many single use e-cigarettes littering the streets. For these reasons, it is likely we will hear of more and more major supermarkets pulling disposable vapes from their shelves.

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