Scorpion Blood Blackcurrant Grape Apple E-liquid Review

Scorpion Blood Blackcurrant Grape Apple E-liquid Review

November 8, 2023 Off By VapeGeezer

In the vast ocean of e-liquid, there’s a gem that’s been bobbing about, waiting to be discovered by the discerning vaper. Scorpion Blood Blackcurrant Grape Apple E-liquid is a concoction that promises a tryst with timeless taste. So, I snagged myself a bottle to review and delve into its depths.

I first came across Scorpion Blood’s Blackcurrant Grape Apple e-liquid when a colleague threw his OXVA Xlim Pro at me and said: “Here, What do you think of this?”.

Naturally, I didn’t question him and took a pull. The 50/50 mix seemed a match made in heaven for a pod device. The flavour came across as a burst of fruit, with notes of blackcurrant being the dominant taste. As I’ve come to expect with the Xlim series, the Pro masterfully unearthed the rich and intricate layers of the fruit. The more I vaped, the more it beckoned me back – a true siren call of fruity blackcurrant goodness.

With such a great first impression, I wondered how I’d never come across this brand before. I had to grab my self a bottle.

Encased in a standard 100ml shortfill bottle, and a balanced 50/50 VG/PG split, Scorpion Blood’s offering might not scream for attention among the plethora of brands out there. But, as your trusty Vape Geezer, I’m here to tell you that overlooking this brew is to miss out on vaping gold.

With my own bottle in hand I decided to try it out with the VOOPOO Drag H40 I bought recently, using a 0.45 Ohm VM3 PNP coil. When vaping with this MTL kit, I found that I was able to pick up on the subtler notes of grape, giving me a whole new angle on the flavour. This setup delivered a robust and full-flavoured experience that would make any grape devotee tip their cap in approval.

It’s a marvel how different rigs draw out the subtleties of an e-liquid, with each kit highlighting distinct facets of its rich tapestry. A consistent note across the board was the aftertaste – a sweet, fruity echo that stayed on the tongue, coaxing you back for another draw. Not too brash, just perfectly persistent to be deemed moreish.

In essence, Scorpion Blood’s Blackcurrant Grape Apple is a skilful symphony of the sweet and the juicy. Each puff is a revelation of meticulous mixology – the blackcurrant and grape dancing in sync, with a whisper of apple to cleanse the palate.

There is one negative I have to point out though. The bottle leaks like there’s no tomorrow. When you tip the bottle upside down to refill your tank, or even if it ends up the wrong way up in your bag, the e-liquid leaks out between the rim of the bottle and the nozzle cap. It makes refilling way messier than it should be and a nightmare to transport!

Final Thoughts

Through the lens of a seasoned reviewer, the Blackcurrant Grape Apple from Scorpion Blood has left a mark. It nails the delicate dance between sweet and zesty, with no single fruit hogging the limelight. It’s a well-rounded melody that will resonate with a wide audience, particularly those with a penchant for fruity flavours. Overall, I think it’s worth overlooking the leakage issue as the flavour is well worth it.

If you’re a flavour seeker, this e-liquid unfolds its complexities in a way that’s sure to intrigue. If your collection is crying out for a new fruity staple, Scorpion Blood’s Blackcurrant Grape Apple should be high on your list. It’s not just a flavour – it’s a fruit-fuelled experience.