VOOPOO Drag H40 Review

VOOPOO Drag H40 Review

November 3, 2023 Off By VapeGeezer

If you look through the last few vape kit reviews on here you’ll see that, for the most part, I’ve been using pod kits quite a lot. Whilst they’re really convenient, I’ve been craving something with a bit more oomph. Like a lot of people at the moment, I’m on a bit of a budget, so when looking for a kit with more power at a reasonable cost I came across the VOOPOO Drag H40 and I wasn’t disappointed.

What’s Inside The Box?

  • 1x DRAG H40 Device
  • 1x PnP Pod II (2ml in Europe and the UK, 5ml elsewhere)
  • 1x PnP-VM3 Coil (0.45 Ω)
  • 1x PnP-TW30 Coil (0.3 Ω)
  • 1x Type-C Cable
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Warranty Card

VOOPOO Drag H40 Review

Look And Feel

When I first opened the box, I was surprised by just how small the kit is. I didn’t read up on the H40 before I bought it, so when I saw the box I expected something larger. Despite being a bit wider than your average pen-style kit, the H40’s portability is undeniable.

I opted for a green model and I absolutely love the way it looks. It sports a faux leather finish in a refined British racing green, highlighted nicely with a glossy monochrome in the metallic parts. This combination lends the device a modern yet timeless look. The cylindrical body, complete with a control panel featuring the fire button, wattage controls, and an LCD screen, gives the device a high-quality feel in the hand.

Refilling The Tank

Refilling the pods was a bit of a challenge. The Drag H40 utilises VOOPOO’s PNP 2 pod system, and the standard 2ml tank that comes with the UK version has a design issue. It seems like they’ve simply modified the original 5ml tank to reduce its volume. Unfortunately this hampers the refilling process by trapping air bubbles and causing e-liquid to overflow. Thankfully, there’s a 5ml version available that fixes this and makes refilling much less of a hassle, not to mention less frequent.

Vaping Experience

Despite being such a small kit, the vaping experience with the Drag H40 is rather satisfying. I used the VOOPOO PNP-VM3 0.45 Ohm coil with Juice Point’s Strawberry Pear and Lime 70/30 e-liquid . I found that setting the wattage to 27w hit the sweet spot between smoothness and cloud production. The flavours came through exceptionally well, allowing me to appreciate the subtle notes in my e-liquid.

The kit’s compatibility with the entire PNP coil range is a big plus, offering versatility for any vaper’s preference. That being said, I did try the 0.3 Ohm coil with the same e-liquid, but found it a little harsh, so swapped back to the 0.45 Ohm coils.

Drag H40 Features

The VOOPOO Drag H40 comes with all the features you would expect from a kit of this type. Wattage and puff count are controlled on the main panel with the buttons and airflow is controlled by twisting the pod around. The main feature that caught my attention was the innovative charging indicator. It estimates how many minutes until the battery is fully charged. For me it indicated 75 minutes from empty to full and was pretty much bang on accurate. It’s a handy piece of information that lets you plan your vape time accordingly.

Final Thoughts

The VOOPOO Drag H40 might be small, but it’s certainly a mighty fine vape kit. Despite the minor issue with the 2ml tank, the larger tank option, the great vaping experience and the smart charging display make up for it. The H40 is, without a doubt, a solid choice for any vaper, whether you’re just starting out or have been at it for years.

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