Aspire GoTek X Review

Aspire GoTek X Review

February 23, 2023 Off By VapeGeezer

Having seen the announcement and all the photos online of the upcoming Aspire GoTek X release, I knew I had to get my hands on one. After asking around a few contacts, a friend of mine loaned me the sample kit he’d been given. So with great pleasure, I bring to you the Vape Geezer Aspire GoTek X Review.

Aspire GoTek X Review

Look and Feel

Although the Aspire GoTek X is available in five different translucent colours, the one I borrowed was totally transparent.

At first glance, I was impressed by the appearance of the Aspire device. Despite being super affordable, the design has a high-end feel thanks to the translucent colours which that showcase the internal workings. The simplicity of the GoTek X’s appearance is what makes it so appealing – it looks clean and sophisticated rather than cluttered. The only aspect that seems out of place is the lanyard clip, which is white on the transparent kit. That being said, I like the option to attach a lanyard, it makes the GoTek X more convenient to carry.

Aspire GoTek X Usability

Using the GoTek X is incredibly simple to use. This mouth-to-lung device uses auto-draw activation, so there are no buttons to navigate. Airflow is controlled through a slider on the kit’s bottom, though it can be a bit stiff, resulting in an “all or nothing” situation, but that’s hardly an issue as I have it open anyway. Wattage can’t be adjusted, but the range is between 13W and 16W.

The GoTek X can be used with a re-fillable pod, or a wide range of prefilled flavour cartridges. At the moment, the flavour cartridges look like they only come in 4.5ml capacities, which means we won’t see them in the UK. So for the purposes of this review, I used the re-fillable pod with SMKD’s Blueberg e-liquid.

Aspire GoTek X Battery Life

The marketing material for the GoTek X boast that its battery lasts up to two days. In practice, however, this is far from the truth. For someone like me who chain vapes at my desk, the Aspire GoTek X battery only lasts about half a day. That being said, it only has a 650mAh battery, and it lasts almost as long as the battery on the OXVA Xlim SQ, which is 900mAh.

Refilling the Aspire GoTek X

Changing pods and refilling the GoTek X was also hassle-free. Refilling simply involves removing the pod and opening the rubber bung. The rubber bung is larger than on some other pod systems, which makes it easier to grip and more convenient to use. Swapping out pods is just as easy. The 0.8 ohm pod being the only part that needs to be replaced. All in all, I found the Aspire GoTek X to be a user-friendly device that delivered a great vaping experience.

Despite its lack of features, I found that the GoTek X performed well without needing any additional adjustments. The wattage and airflow were both set to my liking from the start and I was impressed from the get go.

Flavour and Experience

It wasn’t just the ease of use that impressed me about the device. The flavour produced by the GoTek X was exceptional. Not only was it true to the taste of the e-liquid, but it was also incredibly smooth. Typically, I use e-liquids with a nicotine strength of 3mg because I find higher strengths to be too harsh. However, with the GoTek X, I was able to use 6mg because the vapour was so smooth that it felt like it was only 3mg.

Final Verdict

The Aspire GoTek X has comfortably slotted in amongst my all time favourite vape kits. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed using the Aspire GoTek X. It is a great option for vapers of any level of experience. It’s particularly well-suited for individuals who prefer freebase nicotine and want a higher strength e-liquid with a smoother throat hit.

Sadly, as the one I reviewed was a loan, I had do give it back. But I was fortunate enough to pick up the black version of the kit on the day it released. I haven’t put it down since!

Where To Buy The Gotek X

I bought my Gotek X online from SMKD. They have a great offer on where you can pick up the kit and a pack of pods at a discounted price. If you’re not based in the UK, you may want to check out our Vape Shop Directory to find your nearest store.

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