E-Liquid Review: DNA Vapes Blueberry Raz Lemonade

E-Liquid Review: DNA Vapes Blueberry Raz Lemonade

November 3, 2022 Off By VapeGeezer

DNA Vapes are quickly gaining a reputation for intense flavour. After trying out the Peach Ice flavour last week, I decided I needed some fizz. So I switched over to DNA Vapes Blueberry Raz Lemonade for this review.

Blueberry Raz Lemonade E-Liquid Review

DNA Vapes Blueberry Raz Lemonade Shortfill Bottle

Having first tried a blueberry flavoured e-liquid a number of years ago, I subsequently forgot what brand it was. Which is annoying, as I thought it was top notch. Having searched high and low to find it, or a flavour like it, I’ve been met with disappointment thus far. Every single one I tried left an unpleasant aftertaste, a little like vaping soap (Please don’t try vaping soap. That would be stupid).

I picked up the DNA Vapes Blueberry Raz Lemonade expecting the same result, but determined to give it a go anyway. Honestly I’ve never been so surprised in my life.

The balance is perfect. You get an initial taste of sweet, syrupy blueberries balanced with a hint of raspberries. This is followed up with a slight fizz the tip of the tongue that many other flavours struggle to achieve. The sensation is refreshing and cool, a bit like a light menthol (but better tasting) throughout your mouth and throat.

At the time of writing this article, I haven’t had the opportunity to test out the whole DNA Vapes range yet, but I can see this one being amongst my favourites. In the course of a week I’ve used half of the bottle!

Normally I would say a flavour is suitable for people who like one thing or another, but I think everyone should try out this flavour. It’s absolutely stunning.

Where To Buy

I picked up my current batch of DNA Vapes Blueberry Raz Lemonade e-liquid at Top Vape One, but currently they only stock the shortfills online. If you’re looking for the DNA Vapes Nic Salts, you can find a 3 for £12 offer on these at SMKD.

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