E-Liquid Review: DNA Vapes Strawberry Banana Ice

E-Liquid Review: DNA Vapes Strawberry Banana Ice

January 17, 2023 Off By VapeGeezer

This week we’re taking a look at DNA Vapes Strawberry Banana Ice e-liquid. When I first started reviewing this range a colleague of mine got excited and told me I had to try the Strawberry Banana Ice flavour. The words “Absolutely Banging” were used >.<

DNA Vapes Strawberry Banana Ice Review

Following this recommendation, I was eager to try this DNA Vapes flavour. My suspicion at the time was that it would taste like a fruit smoothie – a flavour I don’t particularly enjoy. Despite my dislike of smoothies, I was still interested to see how the combination of strawberries and bananas would taste in an e-liquid form.

I grabbed a DNA Vapes 100ml short fill, added two 18mg freebase nicotine shots, and I filled the tank with my OXVA Xlim SQ. To my surprise, I realised I had been wrong about my previous assumptions.

I was surprised to find that I loved the flavour of this e-liquid. Rather than tasting like a smoothie, it reminded me of the foam shrimp and banana sweets, with a subtle sweetness and creaminess. The banana flavour is said to be inspired by the Gros Michel bananas that were popular in the 1950s. Although I never had the chance to try them, I can see why they were so well-liked. The banana flavour is the dominant taste, but it is perfectly combined with the sweet taste of strawberry.

When inhaling, the e-liquid has a sharp and cool sensation that leaves a sweet aftertaste, similar to drinking a Yazoo banana milkshake. This refreshing feeling is a great complement to the strong fruit flavour.

I thoroughly enjoyed vaping DNA Vapes Strawberry Banana Ice e-liquid. The taste was enjoyable enough that I could vape it all day without getting tired of it. It has quickly become one of my favourite e-liquids, competing for the top spot with Blueberry Raz Lemonade. I highly recommend this e-liquid to those with a sweet tooth or a fondness for banana milkshakes.

Where To Buy DNA Vapes Strawberry Banana Ice E-liquid

I picked up this bottle of DNA Vapes Strawberry Banana Ice from The Vapor Room for just £9.99.

SMKD is the only place I’ve found DNA Vapes as a Nic Salt available online.

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